Vegan Food in Stockholm

April 4, 2016

This will be a living document that I will keep updating as I explore more of the vegan options that Stockholm has to offer. The list includes anything from cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

Each restaurant is rated from: 🌱 to 🌿 to 🌸

Roughly in chronological order:

Lao Wai 🌸

Chinese ($$). Absolutely fantastic food and great mood. They take lunch orders as well as provide a cozy atmosphere for a great dinner. If you're attending as a group make sure to order different plates and share! Everything is vegan with lots of soy variants. Small place, book ahead.

Hermitage 🌿

International ($). Resonable price for the lunch buffé where almost everything is vegan. Very tasty and a place to come hungry and eat a lot. They also have a selection of vegan desserts that makes it a great option for a fika.

Every vegan pizza place

So far disappointing. Everyone just tries to replace non-vegan ingredients with soy options (soy-ham, soy-cheese...). Boring and never as tasty. Make your own!

Texas Longhorn Steakhouse 🌱

American ($$). Have a vegan double-burger that's not on the menu. One of the more expensive items, however. Comes with sides that add flavor to a pretty bland burger in my opinion. Still nothing compared to something like Burgermeister in Berlin, hehe!

UPDATE: this place is now closed permanently.

Nem Nem Quan

Vietnamese. No particular memories of the food but probably OK :-)


Feel a little posh and not very cozy. Big place. Has a number of vegan options that are clearly marked as such! One (at least) vegan cake per day.

Bagel Street Hornstull by @guillemch 🌿

The place is cosy and big. The waitress was very nice with me, speaking slowly in swedish :). The "maxi vegan" bagel was delicious! A bit difficult to eat though because it was packed of goods :_). Wifi and good coffee, what else? Perfect! Sliiightly expensive.

UPDATE: Bagel Street Hornstull has closed but opened a new café in Hötorget with the vegan options in tact!


International. Lots of choices, world food court. Inexpensive but quite noisy. Not cozy at all.. Plenty of vegan options though. I had a quite tasty bibimbap. Probably better for take away.

Hattori Sushi Devil 🌱

Japanese ($$). Very nice and varied vegetarian sushi for 150:-. Not a lot of other options though for vegans.

Koreana 🌿

Korean ($). My new favorite place. Have always order take-away though but they are very quick to order! Super tasty vegetarian bibimbap for only 78:-!

Steam 🌿

Very tasty vegetarian dumplings, mostly to-go for 92:-. I have yet to try the veggo salad which looks amazing. I did try the "Laotisk sojagryta", another winner!

Babel Deli 🌱

Middle eastern ($). Reasonable prices, several vegan options which are clearly marked (!). Looks yummy and tastes great! Remember you can ask for quinoa instead of bulgur.

Organic Green 🌿

Soul food ($).Very nice, wholesome vegetarian soul food. It seems most dishes aren't 100% vegan but the ones that are probably beat most other options. Everything comes with hummous, sallad, and bread. And what bread - sublime. Grab an extra slice while your at it.

Reggev Hummus 🌿

Middle eastern ($). The concept is hummus with something. Wonderfully simple and I love hummus. You also get bread and pickled vegetabels on the side. I will go here as often as I get the chance 🙂


Max has introduced a range of vegetarian burgers with one completely vegan option based on pulled Oumph. I'm not the biggest fan of "pull pork" in a burger context but I guess it's fine for what you can expect. Opt to remove the jalapeños unless you're a serious fan 😅

Gojo 🌱

Ethiopian ($). Really delicious. The nice thing about these foreign places is that they don't try to convert original dishes to vegan ones - they just happen to be vegan from the beginning. You get a large plate to share and eat the different vegetables and mashes with a kind of spongy bread. No forks or knifes here!

Minh Mat 🌱

Vietnamese ($$): Not your cheepest lunch but feels properly fancy somehow. Quantity wise I could've wished for more but the curry was very nice indeed. It's just a solid choice all around.

Abyssina 🌱

Ethiopian ($$). Another Ethiopian place with similar quality. The lunch is served as a buffé where half the options are vegan. You eat similarly as in Gojo. The proud owner and hostess was very welcoming 🙂

Surfers 🌸

Chinese ($$$). Feels very much like a concept restaurant with clear ambitions - I like that. When you arrive, the waiters walk you through the menu. The setup is Chinese tapas and almost all options can be made vegan! A few already are. This is another place where it make sense to share to get a taste of everything. Whatever you do; don't miss the incredible deep fried tofu :heart_eyes:. Expensive but worth trying out.

Arirang 🌱

Korean ($$). This place oozes quality and was very busy at lunch. The vegetarian bibimbap comes with egg and fish sauce - so beware! But the staff is well aware how to cater to vegans :relaxed: I thought the size was plenty to go around and I liked it just as much as the one from Koreana. But more expensive and I'm not sure exactly what I'm paying extra for.

Lily's Burger 🌱

American ($). They have a single vegetarian burger which also comes in a vegan version with "fake" cheese and majo. The burger I think was some typ of bean/lentils variant packed in a tasty bread. I really liked along with the sweet potato chips. Nothing beyond special but complemented with a really nice selection of beers to choose from.

Omnipollos Hatt 🌸

Pizza ($$). With beer this is a little on the expensive side but maaaaaan the vegan pizza (no fake cheese!) is the best I've ever had. Period. Generous amounts of ruccola and pomegranate. Amazing. Go here and hope you find a spot because the place seems busy. But then you can hang around for a beer until something opens up.


Italian ($$). They have two vegan Oumph! options; one pizza and one main dish. I went for their own creation. Everything tasted really nice, Oumph is what it is, but the portion was kind of tiny 😜 A bit of a let down.

Mangiardino 🌱

Italian ($$). If you're looking for vegan food in Mall of Scandinavia then this place offers a delicious raw sallad. Non-savory vegan food can often be lacking in quantity but this along with a side was quite enough!

Falafelbaren 🌿

Middle Eastern ($). Wow! A real treat :yum: Reminds me of the awesome hummus shop Reggev. Serves large portions that are guaranteed to fill you up on tasty, tasty falafel. I recommended it wholeheartedly and will return shortly!

Yuc! 🌿

Mexican ($$). Fancy Mexican food. You order smaller dishes that you can share with your company. For a Mexican place, the vegan selection is rather good! The plating is not your usual humble, no-nonsese Mexican style but more fitting to the price range :wink: I do recommend a visit for a different but really good Mexican food experience.

Paradiset - Delibruket 🌱

Italian ($). Delibruket sells flatbread pizzas in the food court at Paradiset. There's one vegan and a number of vegetarian options. The optimum portion is of course between 1/2 and 1 pizza :sweat_smile: so split with a friend if you can! The pizza is quite delicious and without any of the boring fake vegan meat/cheese stuff.

Indian Street Food & Co 🌿

Indian ($). I was here for lunch with a friend and the service was fast even if the place was crowded. I got a plate with a bunch of delicious small dishes. I've got a new-found love for Indian food so this was right up my alley! Highly recommended.

Vigårda 🌱

Fast food ($). Decent vegan quinoa-based burger 🍔 at a good price. I really liked the bun tho - not soggy at all! That's about the options you have here as a vegan. But hey, if you are in Mall of Scandinavia or at K25 this is a pretty solid option.

ESA sushi 🌸

Japanese ($$): Super nice veggie sushi! The decorations are awesome and the seaweed is especially delicious. I've been here many times although mostly to order take-away. Compared to the food, the locale is only decent.

58 Dim Sum 🌱

Chinese ($). Very cheap dumplings that I remember as rather nice. The place is very barebones but also exactly what you expect. Give it a try!


Ice cream: Technically they serve ice cream - and lots of it! They have plenty of interesting flavors but I would still suggest to order a single bowl 😉 or half of it will melt before you have time to chew it down.

Places I want to visit

  • Farang (Asian): fine dining. I just need one good reason...
  • Gro (Scandinavian): fine dining. Would be interesting to eat some Scandinavian vegan food for a change.